Here are a few words about us

Factory for the Production of Plastic Packaging

The company “KESA” was founded in 2003. Since our founding, we have been operating as a family business and we have been engaged in the production of plastic packaging by extrusion of foils (PS, PP, LDPE materials).

Production of high-quality multi-layer films from PP, PS materials, which are used for thermoforming in the confectionery, dairy and food industries.

  • By producing packaging for the confectionery industry and making insoles, e.g. pralines, waffles, biscuits, candies and others, transparent in color, according to the customer’s request with a rounded production cycle.
  • Thermoforming of seedling containers and seedling pots used in agricultural production.
  • Production of PE (Polyethylene) film, which is used in agricultural production. In dimensions from 0.7m to 3m wide, it can be produced with UV stabilizer and with various accessories. To improve quality and for specific needs with the possibility of color production. Polyethylene foil in dimensions of 3m wide and thickness from 0.2 to 20 microns. it is produced with a UV stabilizer and various additives, to improve the quality of a specific need with the possibility of production in different colors.

Also, at the beginning of 2013, we started the production of irrigation tape systems, which have so far proven to be of very high quality and which will be able to compete strongly on the market.

Drip irrigation has many advantages over sprinkler irrigation, the Drip to Drip system is a relatively inexpensive watering system and is easy to install.

With that, we rounded off the entire cycle for agricultural production.

We manufacture:

  • Seedling bags of all kinds;
  • All types of foils, e.g. watermelon, salad, etc.;
  • All kinds of pots for seedlings;
  • Container for sowing, with 24, 66, 104, 160 holes;
  • “DROP BY DROP” system;

The products of the company KESA Pejkovac, through skilled hands and good craftsmen, also find their way into the construction industry. Most often, our products are used in the field of decorating the exterior of your homes, office buildings and gardens.

KESA Pejkovac plans to further expand its facilities and product range, wherever plastic products find practical use.

The knowledge, experience and skill of our staff has shown us that there are no impossible tasks for us.

Of course, we strive to maintain and improve the quality of existing products in the future, so that on the way to conquering new markets, we do not leave aside our old and faithful associates who have followed us in the period that is behind us.

We were founded as a family company and we will continue to do business like that, and we will be oriented in accordance with the time that is yet to come.